Oral Presentations-Natural Resource Utilisation Conservation and Environmental Sustainability-NRU

  1. OWOYESIGIRE Brian – Trends Of Climate Extremes And Farmers Perceptions In The Cattle Corridor Of Uganda
  2. NIMUSIIMA Alex – Analysis Of Future Climate Scenarios Over Central Uganda Cattle Corridor
  3. NASSANGA Linda Goretti – Improved Access To Climate Information As A Pre-Requisite To Increased Production And Welfare For Rural Farmers
  4. KASEDDE Hillary – Dissolution Kinetics Of Natural Halite From Lake Katwe (Uganda) In Aqueous Salt Solutions
  5. BIGIRIMANA Celestin – Prevalence And Management Of Garcinia Buchananii In Lake Victoria Basin Districts Of Rwanda And Uganda
  6. ARINAITWE Kenneth – Historical Deposition Of Persistent Organic Pollutants In Three Equatorial Lakes From East Africa: Insights Into Atmospheric Deposition From Sedimentation Profiles.
  7. OKAKA Wilson – The Prospects and Challenges of Promoting Efficient Biomass Energy Technology Diffusion in the East African Lake Victoria Basin (LVB) Communities
  8. KOMAKECH John Allan – Life Cycle Assessment Of Biodegradable Waste Treatment Systems For Sub-Saharan African Cities
  9. LALANDER Helena Cecilia – Vermicomposting As Manure Management Strategy For Urban Small-Holder Animal Farms - Kampala Case Study
  10. MWAVU N. Edward – Agro-Diversity In A Commercial Sugarcane Cultivation Land Matrix In A Subsistence Economy
  11. AGOYI E. Eric – Screening Soybean Genotypes For Symbiotic Association With Bradyrhizobium SPP. To Establish Promiscuous Lines
  12. ANYWAR Godwin – Proximate Nutrient Composition Of Some Wild Nutraceutical Plants From Nebbi, Uganda
  13. ARINAITWE Kenneth – Legacy And Currently Used Pesticides In The Atmospheric Environment Of A, East Africa
  14. KATUROMUNDA Sylvester – Effect Of Protein Supplementation On The Performance Of Ankole X Friesian Crossbred Calves Grazed On Natural Pastures
  15. MUGUME Koojo Samuel – Human Activities Negatively Impact Chimpanzee Populations in Forest Reserves
  16. NABASUMBA Dina – Utilization And Conservation Status Of Indigenous Woody Plants In Pastoral Production Systems Of South Western Uganda
  17. NAMPANZIRA Kalule Dorothy, Sam Okello – Natural Gastro-Enteric Properties Of Ficusnatalensis, Rhussnatalensis And Harrisoniaabyssinica In Native East African Goats
  18. SEMWOGERERE Twaib – Exploration Of Gravel Roads Erosion Data In Uganda
  19. MULYAMPITI Tabitha – Gender, Displacement And Rights: The Case Of The Climate Change Refugees In Kiryandongo