Message from the Director


We are privileged to have an exceptional community of researchers at Makerere University. Strategically, Makerere has repositioned herself as a research driven university where research; teaching & learning; and knowledge transfer partner-ships and networking, the core functions of the university are mutually reinforcing.

This will enable Makerere to focus more on knowledge production to support evidence based decision making and to power the growth of the Ugandan economy.

In 1994 Makerere University Council approved the establishment of a School of Postgraduate Studies, which later became the School of Graduate Studies, and now (2010) transformed into the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training.

Currently, the programmes being offered include:

  • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Master’s Degrees
  • Doctorates
  • Higher Doctorate Degrees.

Pursuant to our mission, we continue to coordinate, monitor and provide an enabling environment for quality graduate training, innovative research and communication of research outputs; and to foster and manage graduate training and research in the university units by promoting cutting edge innovative, impact-oriented research, and centres of excellence to meet the changing needs of society and for sustainable development.

The Directorate’s specific niche would be to focus on the following areas: Graduate training and research in units of the University; Promoting innovation and integration of Universities research and training to development processes and practice in the country.

This includes promotion of multi-disciplinarity in conducting research and training in Universities to support rural and indeed national development; Building, rationalizing and sharing research and training capacities and resources in graduate training and research to add value to units as well as enhancing the quality and specialization.

The Directorate of Research and Graduate Training commits itself to fostering efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of graduate training and research by units of Makerere University. The DRGT builds and sustains most of its activities on collaboration and active partnerships within the University as well as with external stakeholders and development partners.

We welcome all constructive guidance and patronage as we continue to play a proactive role in national development. It is the responsibility of the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training to ensure that research and innovation creates new information and pushes the boundaries of knowledge, for the development and transformation of society.

Prof. Edward Bbaale