Directorate of Research and Graduate Training

Background of The DRGT

The Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies was established in Makerere University to give both graduate students and supervisors a sense of belonging to a meaningful scholarly community;

  • Co-ordinate and Administer all research;
  • Advise on research priorities geared to the fulfillment of National Development professional objectives;
  • Work as an outreach providing a link or bridge between the University and the World of work in identifying research and courses that are relevant to the needs of industry, commerce, and professions etc.

Our Vision

A leader in research and graduate training in the region


To coordinate, monitor and provide an enabling environment for quality graduate training, innovative research and communication of the research outputs;

To foster and manage graduate training and research in the university units by promoting cutting edge innovative, impact-oriented research and centres of excellence to meet the changing needs of society and for sustainable development