Oral Presentations-Advances in Education Science and Technology-EST

  1. ARINEITWE Joseph Ndemere – The Performance Of Gas Burner For Producer Gas Based On Swirl Flow And Continuous Air Staging
  2. BYAMUGISHA R. Gaston – Characterization Of Ten Uganda Bio-Waste Residues Under Proximate Analysis For Briquettes Production
  3. KEDI Wagobera, Nsamba Sula – Design and Implementation of a GSM Based Fuel Leakage Monitoring System on Trucks in Transit
  4. MWESIGE Godfrey – Operational Characteristics Of Passing Zones On Two-Lane Rural Highways In Uganda
  5. GYEZAHO Mary – Individual, Organizational Factors And Teacher Turnover Intentions Among Primary Schools In Mbarara District
  6. MAGARA Elisam – Copyright Infringement for Academic Authorship in Uganda: Implications on Exemptions of Fair Use for educational purposes in Universities
  7. D'UJANGA Florence Mutonyi – Space Weather Effects on Satellite Communication
  8. MUTEBI Mbabazi Ruth – Electricity Theft In Kampala: Causes And Interventions
  9. KAMOGA Omar Lwako – The Potential Of Cymbopogon Nardus In The Production Of Pulp For Paper Industry
  10. SENFUKA Christopher – Effect of TMT Bar Lugging on Steel Reinforcement Failure Mode under Monotonic Loading
  11. WALIMBWA Micheal – The Practice Of Using Emerging Technologies For Teaching Large Classes:  A Case At Makerere University
  12. MUYINDA B. Paul – Seamless Collaborative And Cooperative Mlearning System
  13. ONGODIA Simon Peter – Orality, Writing and Visuality for Innovations
  14. SSEBOWA Dorothy Kyagaba – Using Wikis to Teach History Education to 21st Century Learners: A Hermeneutic
  15. TUHEIRWE-MUKASA Doreen – The Need for an Integrated Effective Weather Dissemination System for Uganda
  16. KASUSSE Michael – Real-Time Identification Of Incompetent Laboratories Using Geographical Information Systems Application In Jinja Health Region In Uganda
  17. MUTEMBESA Daniel – Crop Disease Surveillance Using Smart-Phones
  18. NEEMA-ABOOKI Peter – Contrapreneurship: A Management-Challenge In Institutions Of Higher Learning In Uganda