DRGT Annual Report 2014

Extract:The Graduate Training Division is mandated to review regulations governing graduate academic programmes, handle graduate application and admission processes in liaison with the Colleges/Schools; develop guidelines and regulations on examination management; and oversee the management of academic quality and research ethical issues among others.The Division has continued to accomplish its planned tasks and in 2014 a number of new graduate programmes submitted by College Academic Boards were considered by the Board of Research and Graduate Training and forwarded to Senate for approval. These include the Master of Arts in Defense and Security Studies ; Master of Science in Records and Archives Management, Master of Science in Health professions Education, Master of Science in Immunology and Clinical Microbiology from School of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management among others. The total number of approved graduation programmes is 135 Masters Programmes, 20 Postgraduate Diploma programmes and 12 taught PhD programmes. 

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