Call for PhD cross-cutting Course in Advanced Research Methods

The Directorate of Research and Graduate Training invites applications from PhD students that wish to undertake training in Advanced Research Methods. This is an accredited academic course tenable at Makerere University.The course aims at equipping the PhD students with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete a large-scale doctoral research project. We wish to improve students’abilities in several key areas, enabling them to develop an advanced understanding of various research methods, data analyses and presentation styles. The students will learn about the management and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data using software.Topics include:

  • coding and formatting data sets
  • data quality and cleansing
  • descriptive statistics
  • inferential statistics
  • developing research conclusions
  • reporting research methods and results for different audiences.

This course requires students to take responsibility for their own learning approach, and execution of primary and secondary research skills when writing-up the dissertation project. Students are also expected to participate in group discussions dealing with current issues within the field of advanced research methods, and withmilestones, preparation of independent research activities and submission of written reports, class contributions, cross examination of information, and presentation skills to peer groups.Please forward written applications indicating the PhD Program, Gender, Department, School, College, admission/study status, telephone and e-mail contact address electronically to: or for application is Monday 3rd September, 2018.