Call for Applications: DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarships 2022

As part of the In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme“, DAAD offers scholarships for PhD and Master studies. The programme is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and aims at university staff in the first line, without neglecting the public sector demand of academically trained personnel.

The target group for scholarships are graduates and postgraduates from Sub-Saharan Africa with a first academic degree if applying for a Master’s programme, or with a Master’s degree if applying for a doctoral programme who want to pursue Master’s or PhD courses,

• In their home country
(In-Country scholarships are aimed at students who study in their home country or in the country for which they have a residence permit.)
- OR-
• In another Sub-Sahara African country
(In-Region scholarships are aimed at students who want to participate in a study programme in a country of their home region (here: Sub-Saharan Africa/outside their home country).

It has been agreed upon that DAAD cooperates with Makerere University by offering up to 6 In-Country/In-Region scholarships for PhD and up to 8 In-Country/In-Region scholarships for Master studies at Makerere University for the intake 2022.
The awarding of scholarships will be subject to the provision of funds.

How to apply:

The application process contains two steps. Please be aware of the DAAD application deadline as well as Makerere University’s deadline.

First step:

Applicants must apply for the scholarship via the DAAD portal. Applicants are asked to log into the DAAD portal, register themselves and submit a DAAD application. Parallel to this process, applicants must at the same time apply for admission at Makerere University  before the deadline of 15th November 2021. Follow the instructions in the document downloads below.

Only complete applications made to both the DAAD and to Makerere University will be reviewed. Please note: In some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, a document from the Qualifications Authority for previous studies undertaken outside the respective country must be submitted for admission to the universities (e.g. Accreditation from National Council for Higher Education in Uganda). Please note that the application for these documents may take long and that it is the applicant’s responsibility to get informed at an early stage in order to receive the documents from the respective authorities in time. DAAD will conduct a formal examination of the applications received via the DAAD portal according to DAAD criteria. Plagiarism scanning of the PhD proposals submitted will also be done by the DAAD. Only the list of applicants who meet the DAAD application requirements will be availed to Makerere University for the next step.

Second Step:

Makerere University will screen, pre-select and shortlist the applicants. A detailed report consisting of the shortlisting procedure, the entire list of applicants, the ranked shortlist and the shortlisting panel members will be availed to DAAD. The ranked shortlist will contain preferably triple (at least double) the number of scholarships that have been attributed to the institution. Applicants who pass the host institutions pre-selection and DAADs formal checks are invited to an online interview. A selection committee assesses the applicant’s aptitude based on the provided documents and the performance in the interview. In addition to the applicant’s academic merit, extracurricular activities, motivation and the general fit for the programme, the selection committee will consider impediments described by the applicant in the DAAD application form in the assessment. DAAD reserves the right of final selection.

Applicants must apply for the scholarship via the DAAD portal. Applicants are asked to log into the DAAD portal, register themselves and submit a DAAD application. DAAD Applications have to be submitted via the DAAD portal through the following links:

• PhD in Plant Breeding

• Master in Environment & Natural Resource Management

The DAAD deadline for the application via the portal will be December 15, 2021. All applications must be on the portal by this date as there will be no extension. Applications submitted through other channels or to other authorities will not be considered. The DAAD portal closes at 24.00 hrs. Central European Time (CET or CEST) on the last application day.