Call for applications for competitive small grants for masters students 2012 Supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Carnegie Corporation of New York extended support to Makerere University to implement the project titled: “Building, Nurturing and Retaining the next generation of African Academics” initially under the broad theme of Food, Nutrition and Value Addition. The theme has now been opened upThe Directorate of Research and Graduate Training announces in a second round availability of grants to PhD students in four (4) categories of small competitive grants as follows:

  • Masters Students who require funds to support data collection – up to USD 5,000
  • Masters Students who require funds to analyse data and write- up  – up to USD 3,000
  • Masters Students who require funds to present a paper at an international conference – up to USD 3,000

The expected outcome of this support is excellent graduates that are well prepared to embark on PhD studies.


The competitive small grants are open to Masters student at Makerere University from any discipline/academic unit.

The applications must meet the following conditions:

  1. Applicants must provide EVIDENCE THAT THEY ARE full time employees (PERMANEMT OR ON CONTRACT) of Makerere University
  2. Applicants must be Masters students with evidence of admission
  3. If registered in another university, evidence of academic status and approval of the research proposal by the appropriate organ in that university
  4. The proposal should have been approved by the respective unit Higher Degree and Research Committee. Evidence be provided.
  5. Budget in both UGX and USD equivalent.
  6. Supported Masters applicants must complete their identified activities by Sept 2012

Level of support

Research support may cover tuition and stipend where applicable.
N.B: Female Academics are strongly encouraged to apply

Applications in a soft and three hard copies should be submitted to the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training Research Office, Lincoln Flat B5 by 5.00 pm March 10, 2012 . e-mail soft copy to:,

For enquires/clarifications regarding this grant please contact the Research & Publications Office, Lincoln Flat B5